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What began in 1948 as a small, family-run business out of the company "Andreas & Dr. Müller Verlagsbuchhandel" (A&M) evolved into Austria’s largest non-club mail-order retailer for books, music, DVDs and trend products. Today Weltbild Austria generates a turnover of 80 million euros and employs about 237 members of staff throughout Austria.

Weltbild's value-for-money in-house productions, first editions and special editions are particular strong points.

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Weltbild paved the way for this development early on and has now successfully based its sales strategy on three pillars. The catalog, retail stores and internet channels are closely interlinked and benefit from each other’s purchase incentives and cross-media marketing. By using multiple sales channels, the company is able to achieve maximum brand awareness and customer loyalty.

The media specialist reaches its 1.5 million customers through the catalogue, that is sent 14 times a year, the Internet and 35 branches geared to families in locations throughout Austria. The traditional mail-order catalog that once made the company famous has taken on a new pivotal role and now acts as an advertising medium for the other two sales channels.

Using the Internet shop www.weltbild.at, about 700,000 users can choose from from books, CDs and DVDs, over audio books to music downloads. As well as a wide range of almost all books available in the German language, customers can find a choice of special editions of bestsellers at discounts that are exclusive to Weltbild, limited remainders and over 250,000 books they can scroll through online. As a result, Weltbild.at is the bookshop of choice for many customers. All books ordered on the internet are delivered free of charge.

The Weltbild Verlag in Salzburg is today a 100 per cent subsidiary company of Verlagsgruppe Weltbild GmbH.

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