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The Weltbild brand enjoys the trust of millions of consumers, it is especially well known in the bookmarket ( 84 per cent brand awareness). It is the company’s flagship and is one of the top brands in the retail sector. In Germany, Austria (AuM/Weltbild) and Switzerland, Weltbild is synonymous with a modern and varied range of products selected from the whole of the media world.

Weltbild bookshop

From the very beginning, Weltbild has put innovative ideas into practice. By offering catalogues, an Internet shop and a network of Weltbild retail outlets, the company allows customers to select the sales channel which best meets their particular needs.

By using all three of these sales channels, Weltbild occupies a unique position in the book and media retail sector.

The range of products on offer in the Weltbild catalogue is family-oriented, inexpensive and always up to date. Millions of customers receive the catalogue with its wide range of books, music, films, software and games, small electronic devices and hobby and leisure articles every month. The catalogue is a great success thanks to the skill of the editorial team when it comes to selecting the articles on offer and the excellent value for money.

Weltbild.de Internet shop

The Internet as one of the driving forces

Weltbild.de is the second-largest online book retailer and is one of the top four Internet shops overall (GfK 2010) in Germany. It counts up to 5,2 million users monthly. Nowadays, Internet sales are one of the driving forces of the company.
Weltbild.de offers its customers a multimedia shopping experience, with a complete range of products, low prices and rapid service. Customers can choose from a range which includes over 20 million books, DVDs, CDs, items of software and games, electronic products, toys and gift articles as well as Internet downloads. The range of products on offer is constantly expanded. Personal recommendations, interviews with authors, multimedia trailers, audio and book samples and a full-text search feature help customers to discover products and to make well-informed decisions when shopping.
If requested, Weltbild can deliver the articles ordered free of charge to the nearest branch. About 15 million second-hand books, CDs and films can be bought and sold on the Weltbild Marketplace.

Bookshops all over the country

Weltbild bookshops can be found in a variety of locations including prime town and city-centre sites and shopping centers. With around 300 branches, Weltbild is one of the largest bookselling chains in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The Weltbild branch concept relies on highlights as well as an attractive and up-to-date range of products. Regardless of whether customers are looking for a bestseller, a practical guide or a book for children, they will find an extensive selection of current titles at low prices. Customers also have the option of ordering all available books, CDs and DVDs and having them delivered free of charge to a Weltbild branch of their choice.

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