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As a specialist retailer of high-quality remainders and special editions, Jokers is a market leader in this segment of the book trade. At Jokers, demanding readers will find many things which are not available elsewhere, including selected rarities and value-for-money special editions, with savings of between 40 and 90 per cent compared to previous retail prices. The range of products on offer includes not only German and English-language books on all topics but also talking books, CDs, DVDs and games.

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There are 29 Jokers branches in cities and university towns throughout Germany. Every month, a million households in Germany, Austria and Switzerland receive the Jokers catalogue. Book lovers will find approximately 1,000 titles spread over around 100 pages. is the platform for value-for-money books on the Internet. Jokers offers a range of approximately 10,000 different titles here, along with a great deal of detailed information, audio samples, link tips, a download portal and numerous special offers. The Jokers ebook-store offers more than 160,000 book downloads. Customers also have access to an additional 20 million second-hand and antique books at

Users can find interesting information and the latest book news by visiting the Jokers Bücher-Wiki or the Jokers Blog. In addition, the Jokers Podcast provides exclusive audio material every month.

In 2009 Jokers celebrates its 10th company anniversary. More informations:
10 Jahre Jokers: Eine Erfolgsgeschichte aus Augsburg

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