Established brands under a single umbrella

Verlagsgruppe Weltbild GmbH has evolved from being a traditional mail-order retailer to a multi-channel supplier. Nowadays, it is a bookseller with a nationwide branch network and is one of the top companies in the area of e-commerce. By purposefully pursuing this strategy, Weltbild has now become one of the leading brands in the retail sector.

Weltbild,, Kidoh, Jokers

Approximately 80 per cent of consumers are familiar with the Weltbild brand, the group’s flagship brand. It enjoys the greatest brand presence in the book retail segment and is the seventh-biggest brand in the entire German retail sector (“Retail Brands in Deutschland�/BBDO, 2007).

Jokers, KIDOH and also enjoy an established position in the market. When it comes to price in the online book retail sector, Jokers, the specialist supplier of high-quality remainders and special editions, is in first place (Innofact study, 2007). With its range of toys and educational products, KIDOH is one of the leading mail-order retail companies for young families. is one of the most successful German book and media shops on the Internet.

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