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Hugendubel is one of the leading companies in the German-speaking book market. It offers a compelling, well-presented range of products, competent advice and a pleasant atmosphere. Hugendubel is a family-run business with 42 large bookstores in 24 different locations.

In 1893, it opened its first shop on Salvatorplatz in Munich. In 1979, Heinrich Hugendubel opened Germany’s first large bookstore on Marienplatz in Munich. With escalators, reading islands and unhindered access to the books, it changed the face of the book sector forever. Nowadays, particular architectural features give each of the premium bookstores its own unique character. Thanks to Hugendubel’s own service centre with a telephone ordering facility and an established Internet presence, the company now has an unmistakable personality.

In 2008, the company opened new stores in Landshut, Leipzig, Stuttgart and Bayreuth as well as a Schmorl & von Seefeld store in Hanover, a Ganghofersche Buchhandlung store in Ingolstadt and an experience store together with Buch Habel in Erfurt. The family-run business holds a stake in Ganghofersche Buchhandlung in Ingolstadt, Schmorl & von Seefeld is 100 per cent owned by Hugendubel.

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