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Verlagsgruppe Droemer Knaur is an important trendsetter in the German-speaking region. With its wide range of titles including high-quality literature, well-written entertainment, captivating historical works and exciting detective and thriller books, it reaches a broad circle of readers and achieves top positions in the lists of bestsellers. This traditional company has its origins back in the 19th century. Nowadays, it is one of the leading public publishing houses in Germany. Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck and Weltbild have owned equal shares in Droemer Knaur since 1999.

Dirk Müller: Crashkurs / Val McDermid: Nacht unter Tag / Sarah Wiener: Frau am Herd / Sabine Ebert: Die Entscheidung der Hebamme / Reinhard Marx: Das Kapital

The books published by Droemer, Knaur and Pattloch cover the entire literary field. Droemer is well known for its new authors in the field of fiction and for its up-to-date political non-fiction books and memoirs. Knaur is most closely associated with its popular range of Knaur paperbacks (with large numbers of copies printed), its entertaining novels and its excellently written practical guides. Pattloch's range of titles focuses on religious non-fiction books as well as high-quality gift and children’s books.

Droemer Knaur has already made the leap into the digital age. The world of books is presented online using a number of different media. In addition to the company’s own website, there are author websites, book trailers, detective podcasts, a non-fiction-book blog and the company’s own web-TV channel. Droemer Knaur also offers more than 100 top titles as ebooks under www.knaur-ebook.de.

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