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Weltbild Bibles: Hundertwasser-Bibel, Wachtmeister-Bibel, Volksbibel

With several hundred new titles published every year, Weltbild Buchverlag is one of the TEN LARGEST publishing houses in Germany. Weltbild is synonymous with a varied and up-to-date range of titles including paperbacks, hardbacks, fiction and non-fiction. The editorial team follows trends in the market and develops these trends further for the company’s own sales channels.

Weltbild’s bibles are a traditional sales line. In 2004, the "Bild" newspaper and Weltbild published the "Volksbibel" (2004). 250,000 copies were sold in just three weeks. It went on to publish the "Goldbibel" (2005), the "Dürer-Holzbibel" (2006) and, most recently, the "Bibel des Lichts" (2007).

Baur/Thurner: Die besten 10-Minuten-Übungen für Bauch, Beine & Po / Braun: Bauen mit Ziegelsteinen / Bucket: Süße Sünden, die keine sind / Tietz: Die besten Rezepte aus der DDR / Poe: Unheimliche Geschichten / Thorn: Die Tochter des Buchdruckers

Weltbild Buchverlag achieved an outstanding success recently with the "BILD-Bestseller Bibliothek", a collection of bestselling books which it published together with the Bild daily newspaper. It put a stop to the downward trend in the book market and attracted new book-buying customers.

Weltbild Buchverlag successfully publishes original editions as well as new titles. Top international and German authors guarantee the best possible entertainment and competent information.

The company also publishes its own titles on current issues. These are sold through its catalogue, on the Internet and in its high-street stores. The catalogue itself influences the range of products on offer. The titles are tailored to the needs of the catalogue and are sold at attractive prices. An extremely wide range of books are on offer including medical guides, religious titles, nature guides and history atlases.

James Patterson: Höllentrip / Stephenie Meyer: Biss zum Morgengrauen / Horst Lichter: Großmutters geheime Rezepte / Schlank im Schlaf - Der 4-Wochen-Power-Plan

In addition, Weltbild Buchverlag acquires national and international licences for several hundred titles every year. These include books on travel and distant lands, art and culture, contemporary history, house and garden, eating and drinking, reference works, children's books, gift books and commercial fiction. Given the fact that large numbers of copies are printed, Weltbild is able to offer these high-quality special editions at attractive prices.

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